Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Cyclocross du Vin

Cyclocross in France, for Jeff means racing with the "Minimes" . We call them the "mini me's" They are 13-14 yrs old. Jeff has a Federation of France racing licence which allows him to race for free at all the races provided you return your number. Each kid gets a medal for completing the race. This is an area about 30km north of Lyon so it was about a 2 hour ride for us. We are trying to navigate our way through the racing and life with Jeff's French team. Luckily we were asked to give a teammate a ride to this race, otherwise we would have gone to a completely different race!
We had a "rendez vous" with three other families so that we could carpool to the race. No matter if you were late or not you must go through the "kissing" ritual. This means for me, a double kiss on the cheek of everyone (moms, dads and kids). For Jeff it means a hand shake with all the guys and kisses for all the females. It is actually really a great tradition, you acknowledge everyone, each and every time that you see them.
Jeff had a nice start position until they had the call-up. Back to the back Jeb!

Jeb's hair is probably longer than Fat Marc's now! We had a little problem at registration, Jeff had to say "je suis un garcon" I'll let you figure out the French.

A fun day of racing, Jeb ended up eight and his teammate Quientin won the race.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Halloween in POISAT

No this was not Jeff's halloween costume, our heat is not working and it is freakin cold here now. Luckily the fireplace throws off enough heat to keep one room above 10! It will be fixed tomorrow, yippee.
Brian having a bit of halloween fun.
Jeff apres a party at a friend's house in Grenoble. Megan spent the day with friends so I never got her picture. However she and her friend Alicia got themselves on the local news channel so that was pretty cool.

Jeff's First Race in France, Champ Drac

Megan so very happy to be at another one of Jeff's races.
This section of the race the kids get through an obstical course for speed and skill.

Yes that is a road bike.

Start for Jeff's first ever 90 meter sprint (he took third).
The kid in yellow is one of Jeff's teammates, his name is Sullivan and he is fast. He won the yellow jersey for Jeff's age group at the 6 day track race that just happened in Grenoble.
Can you say road bike on a grassy cross course. Jeff crashed about 3 times but fought his way back to about 5th overall.
The guy in the brown t-shirt was kind enough to act as Jeff's translator. There were 4 different events: cross race, obsticale course for time and skill, 90 meter sprint and 30 sec track stand.
Megan happy to be at another one of Jeff's races.
Kids, kids and more kids. They start racing at age 5 and have two year age groups up to 18.
The guy in the white t-shirt is Jeff's coach Phillipe.
Jeff's first ever track stand contest.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Paris Visit Continued...

Of all the cafe's in Paris Megan chooses a "New Jersey" owned company. Actually we choose this particular cafe for its toilets which are few and far between. Megan loved Paris and informed me that she is going to live there someday with her friends.
Which do you prefer Picasso or the spray paint artist below?
Jeff and Megan were fascinated by these guys.
I think that I found the perfect new handle bars for Buddy!
Now this is what I call a Moped, BMW style.
Jeff sporting a Homer Simpson t-shirt and trying to prove that he was not cold. Unfortunately he ended up with a cold the next day. Maybe next time he will listen to mom.

Vacation in Paris

Megan in the "zone of silence" in Sainte Chapelle. It was built to house Louis IX collection of holy relics one of which was believed to be the "crown of thorns".
Upper level of Sainte Chapelle, stained glass walls encompass the entire building.
Megan trying to feed the birds a little snack
Jeff the photographer.
Monument to Charlemagne.

What tourists!

Cathedrale de Notre Dame de Paris

Notre Dame stained glass window.
View of the Eiffel Tower from Notre Dame.
View of Sacre Coeur Basilique from atop Notre Dame.
Side view of Notre Dame.
Gargoyles protecting Notre Dame.