Sunday, September 17, 2006

Views From the Fort de la Bastille

This image comes from a local web page dedicated to cycling around Grenoble. This is an ad for a time trial held every September, luckily we missed the entry deadline! I lifted the text below from the website which describes the climb up the Bastille:

Fort de la Bastille - Ask anybody in Grenoble about the climb to the Bastille, and watch their reaction. The road is just less than two kilometers in length, but the average gradient is 17% with stretches of 24% and it soon starts to burn the legs. How do I know this, because some kind soul has written the percentages on the road. The climb was used as the prologue stage in the Dauphine Libere in 2000 and there is also a hillclimb every September. Follow signs for La Bastille from La Tronche.

These are the Telepherique "eggs" which most people use to get to the Fort de la Bastille.
Jeff's school in downtown Grenoble.
View of the Isere river to the right, the Drac river to the left and the synchrotron (large donut of electrons whizzing about ie the white circle shaped object).
Tom the movie star after we climbed the Bastille. Tom climbed with Jeb earlier in the week and after I had stopped for the second time and was crying Tom informed me that he and Jeff were already at the top by now. I started walking and Tom made me turn around and ride the section I had walked. It took us 18:35 to go less than 2km. I really don't want to know how long it takes Jeff to climb.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Megan's 9th Birthday Sept 8

Megan's favorite dessert, a multi fruit cake "gateau"
Don't worry that is not wine, it is our water pitcher.
Megan's birthday present. Just kidding. Megan found this kitten and took care of it for about a week. Our friend Sylvie is a vet and she was able to find a "chip" which identified that the kitten did have an owner. Hopefully they have been re-united.

First Day of School

Megan's first day of school, she was up at 5:30 making a special breakfast for Jeff and she must have gone back and forth to the school 5 times before school started. It is about 200 meters from home to school.Megan arrives at school for the first time, she is the local star, the town is so small that most of the kids in Megan's class already knew that Megan would be in their class. I think that there are only 5 classrooms in the school.
Jeff's first day of school, he has been commuting by bike and has gotten his commute down to about 15 min on Sat and 20 min during the week. Yes school on Sat but don't feel too bad for him, he has plenty of time off during the week!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ride Through the Valley and over the local Cols with Denis

This was my view (when I could actually see Denis, Tom and Jeff) for the entire 5 hour ride! Since I could not stay with these three, I hired this kid to challenge them for me.
Denis showing off the view from his backyard to Tom.
This is why Denis rides so well. A cafe during every ride.

Ride Through the Valley and over the local Cols with Denis

Tom checking out the view, he needed a little cyclocross practice.
In front of a cafe where Denis knows the proprietor as usual.
Another view of the Chartreuse from the East.
Can you pick out who's bike is whose?

Ride Through the Valley and over the local Cols with Denis

Getting close to our destination, we have climbed a least 4 cols by now and Jeff has been with these two on every climb so far.

One more climb to go, Jeff says I'll walk home, it has been about 4:30 hrs.
It is really nice to have friends. Great mom that I am, we ran out of food and drinks for Jeff. Hanging on to Denis' wheel finally cracked Jeff. I never even had a chance of hanging on to any of their wheels. Close to 5 hours now.

Jeff and Tom Climb Alpe d'Huez

One day during Tom's visit we let them take our new car to Alpe d'Huez. Guided by Jeff and Emily (Tom's not so smart GPS).
Jeff cooking "egg surprise", a cholesterol, sausage filled fromagae laden feast. Megan and I quietly opted out.

BMX Track along the ISERE river

I found this BMX track one day while seeking out more bike path. This is Megan, Jeff and Tom.
Tom is making Megan go back and start over until she can make the climb, what a meanie.
Megan, Jeff and Tom are having a race. Jeff and Tom were willing to give Megan a head start.

More riding

Megan is fed up with map reading, on this little tour through Grenoble we were in search of velodromes and some lunch. Megan rode for over 4 hours this day and we forgot to feed her! Don't worry she is fine.
In search of the Velodrome where Jeff would be having practice with his new club C2S.
We passed by this group of about 20 kids, probably a summer camp.
Megan riding along the Drac river bike path. This path goes for over 30 km and is not to far from the house.

Map Reading 101

Jeff is trying to figure out how he will get to school now that his dad is down and out for commuting to work. Jeff commutes by bike about 25 min or so each way through Grenoble to the international school.
Tom says "trust me" it is this way. During Tom's visit we spent hours and hours getting throughly lost in Grenoble, Tom and I that is, Jeff on the other hand is applying for messenger jobs.

Tom's Birthday

Well actually this is the day after Tom's birthday. Brian was biking home from work and had an unfriendly encounter with a front flat and a chain link fence. He is recovering well and has even started riding the trainer in Megan's Maison de Club or club house. He broke his scapula in two places. On Monday he will have follow-up xrays and a meeting with the orthopedic surgeon.

Rides with Denis

Brian, Jeff and Tom fighting over Megan's cookies after a short ride with Denis, only one Cafe stop today!