Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dopers Suck but Alpe D'Huez, C'est Bonne

Check out this link to Jeff's 200 plus tour pictures from July 18, 2006 that our friend Pat W has posted on his server. Thanks Pat! Keep clicking for higher and higher resolution...


Our friend Tom is here trying to connect to our wireless, he claims to be an expert, having done it 18 times to Brian's 1 time. We sent Tom to the Boulangerie with Jeff and amazingly, now the wireless is WORKING!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hiking in the Chartreusse

Jeffrey and cousin Brian on a hike in the Chartreuse mountains, one of the three mountain ranges that surround Grenoble. I'll take a picture of the range from below to get a better perspective of the range. As you can tell it gets very windy around here.

Citadelle de Sisterone

Atop the Citadelle
Megan trying to be a soldier
Brian et Brian

Mediterranean visit, La Seyne Sur Mer with Robert, cont.

Got to make sure the jersey looks good.
Ha Ha, just catching a little ride up the hill.
Chasing those orange shorts up the Col de l'Espigouliex.
Ah, made it up the Col, not too high, but a nice change from the winds of the sea.

Mediterranean visit, La Seyne Sur Mer with Robert, cont.

There is actually a nude beach below us
What can I say?
These are the Les Deux Frere, legend has it that the two brothers turned to stone becuase of greed.

Mediterranean visit, La Seyne Sur Mer with Robert

Can you believe I am actually taking this picture?
Megan enjoying a hike, this road is actually closed for about 15km to cars for the entire summer
Somewhere on route to a monastery of St. Baumme
Euro style and only allowed no helmet for the climb, yes he bought those glasses himself!
That is the Mediterranean in the background, really

Chateau Menthon

Cousin Brian arrived for a visit. He saved the day more than once with his mastery of the French language.
Chateau Menthon, near Lac Annecy

Lac Monteynard

Brian, Denis and I actually rode over this bridge, Andrew McD can you believe I actually made it? The ride ended up to be a little over 5 hours, getting back to Vaulnaveys at about 9:30 pm.
A view of the lac from above, Jeffrey, Brian, Denis and I rode to the lake, Jeffrey bummed a ride home with the rest of the kids.

Our friend Popeye

Actually this was only our second day in France with our friend Robert
Here is our friend Popeye who we took care of for 3 weeks and who we temporaily lost during a storm. Can you say Stessful?

Lac Annecy Continued

You have to admit, this is a cool bike
The French really know how to picnic
OK so it is time for a family photo

Visit with the WHIZBARK Family in Lac Annecy

We couldn't resist, we miss our cat Max, looks like Tom snuck in to the photo...
Dining out with the families
What was the chance that we would find another one of our cats, Monique
Yes we rented "city bikes" for a lap around Lac Annecy

Lac Roberts

Hike to Lac Robert on a clear day
Yes a bit of glacier
Honest there is a group of five lakes somewhere (on Jeff's camera actually).
This is the grandpere of the family that we met hiking to lac Roberts
Brian opted for a ride, we opted for a little hike to Lac Roberts in the Belledonne, we started at 1400 meters and it was very foggy only about 10 meter visibility
On route at about 1819 meters, here we met up with a French Family from Normandy with family in Grenoble.
Somehow they are still smiling, after a 6 hour long hike.
Like I said the visibility was low, this is the family we met up with.

More Lakes

Our first real hike to Lac Achard in the Belledone above Chamrousee
Lac Achard, about a 2 hour hike

Visitng some lakes

Life at the cafe at lac Chambon near Alpe D'Huez
Life is tough you know

Alpe D'Huez tour day

We made it to another Cafe, actually we did ride there. This is about 1km from the finish. We watched the tour stage from about 2km to go. Jeff has the real tour pictures. Someday he will get his pictures on the web.

Lets try a harder route to Alpe d' Huez part 2

Baguettes to the rescue
"Mom, I am done" 65 km is enough

Lets try a harder route to Alpe d' Huez

On Route to Alpe Du Grand Serre
We made it! This is the first big climb on route to the base of Alpe d' Huez

Early rides part 1

On route to Alpe d' Huez
Only 35 km to go
Apre ride to the base of Alpe d' Huez (we thought that was actually hard at the time)