Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mark, Pat and Carolyn Visit Mont Blanc April 2007

We took the Aiguille du Midi cable car to 3842 meters to get a birds eye view of the Mont Blanc chain and Mont Blanc at over 4800 meters, the highest peak in Europe.Carolyn
Carolyn getting a look at Mont Blanc from below in ComblouxMegan in Combloux below Mont Blanc
Carolyn in Combloux
Pat and Carolyn holding on at the top of Augille du Midi Station
Megan, Pat and Carolyn thinking about coming up to where I am
The needle on top of Aiguille du Midi
Mark looking calm, cool and relaxed at 3800 meters
Carolyn, Megan and Pat
Pat and Megan
Pat, me and Carolyn
Mark, Pat, Megan and Carolyn
These crazy people are going to ski down the glacier
Megan, ready to get back to Chamonix

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Mark, Pat and Carolyn Visit in April 2007

Pat, Carolyn, Brian and I Getting ready to ride the funicular up an 85% grade to St. Hilare with the Amers That is Mark flying through the air, NOT

Carolyn looking down on the river valley below St. HilareThis scary thing is Uncle Mark's birthday cake which seconds as an Easter bunny, made by Jill, Sarah, Libby and Megan.
Uncle Mark thinking about how old he really is!
Good Job Marko

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Amers Visit April 2007 close to Grenoble

Paul and Mark checking out the "launch pad" for the para gliders in St. Hilaire
Brian, Sam and Jeff at lake Anncey
Paul, a bit scared of heights on the Funicular going up to St. Hilaire (85% grade at one point)
Jeff and Sam at lake Laffery
Nice hair Jeff and Sam, hiking in the Chartreuse
Megan and Libby hiking along the track for the St. Hilaire funicular
Jeff, Sam and I hiking in the Chartreuse
Jeff and Sam getting ready for a paddle boat ride on Lake Anncey

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Amers Visit April 2007 Chamrousse and Chamonix

Paul, Libby and Megan getting ready to ride the Mont Blanc Tramway.
Libby and Megan hiking in Chamonix.

Paul and Jill snowshoeing on Chamrousse.
Libby and Megan relaxing on the deck after skiing.
Jill, Libby and Sam in Chamonix.
Sam, Megan, Libby and Jeff with a dog that followed us for the entire hike in Chamonix.

Jill, Sam and Paul in Chamonix.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Amers Visit March 2007 Alp d'huez and Grenoble

Libby first time on skis
Megan and Libby
Sam broke his arm snowboarding so I let he and Jeff take the car for a little spin.
Sarah looking down on Grenoble from the Bastille.
The whole gang on top of the Bastille.
Jill getting ready for a rapid descent into Grenoble from the Bastille above.