Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sortie Mediterranean to the Alps 433km in 2 Days

Jeff and Robert (our 69 year old friend whose club organized this sortie) at the start of day 2, 7:45 am.Brian, Jeff and I at the first rest / water stop near St. Andre.
Robert who was sporting a vintage saddle on his new Carbon Look bike.
Cyprien and Jeff behaving themselves at the back of the pack.

The end of day 2 back in sunny La Seyne Sur Mer.
The end of day 2, Jeff and Cyprien decided to call it day after lunch and 130 km (the hardest part of the ride with over 1100 meters of climbing). Robert was awesome, riding the entire 226 km often leading the pack. We started the morning with 15 riders and ended the day with 6.
Colmar, a town along the way.
Robert and the boys heading into a tunnel.
Jeff taking a lunch break, it was extremely hot on Sunday, well into the 90's.
Saturday June 23 5:45 am La Seyne Sur Mer, the Mediterranean. Robert (69 yrs) Jeff and Cyprien (13). Start of Day 1.
Robert, Cyprien and Jeff on one of the first long climbs of the day.
122 Km later, lunch which for some of the guys on the ride, also meant wine.
Allos, our future destination in the Alpes.
Our friend Denis, who left our group soon after lunch to ride with the A guys, he was the first to finish.
Jeff at about 150 km.
Denis, Brian and Jeff. Robert and Cyprien decided 122km and lunch was a good place to end day 1. This was Cyprien's first real long ride and he did great. Robert, the wise man wanted to save his legs for day 2.
Jeff trying out some new Yoga moves at one of the water stops.

Jeff with about 40km of climbing left to go, you might think that he has cracked...No he just decided to take a nap while he was waiting for me to catch up.
About 20km of climbing left.
Jeff was not too happy when we made him go back down the hill because we thought that we had made a wrong turn. He needed a few extra KM's of climbing anyway.
The Verdon River which makes a beautiful canyon pass though the Alpes.
Brian and Jeff almost done, the last 2km of the ride is a 12% grade. Jeff decided to come back down to ride with me. He was awesome, 207 km and 2300 meters of climbing, over 10 hours on the bike and he was still doing wheelies on the last climb.


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