Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Boones Ski Chamrousse March 2007

Andrew and Bailey
Bailey, skiing like a mad man
Megan and dad
Andrew and Bailey
Andrew and Megan, look out below
Jeff on skis!
Andrew and Matt
Jeff and Matt
The whole gang on Chamrousse March 2007

Friday, March 30, 2007

Boones Visit Alpe D'Huez March 2007

The ever important "picnic"
Cable cars are not for those with weak stomachs
Ride up, walk and slide down from 3000 meters
Bailey and Megan on route to Alpe D'Huez
View from the top of Pic Blanc
Matt was having trouble with the altitude
Bailey, cold but happy
View from the top
The whole gang on top of Pic Blanc

Monday, March 26, 2007

Cinque Terre, Italy Feb 2007

We stayed in Vernanzza, Cinque TerreJeff the llama and Megan on a hike above the town
Fishing boats

A view of Vernazza from our "hotel"

Nets that will be opened to catch the olives
Where ever there are cats Megan will find them
The yellow building is our "hotel"
Jeff is getting taller but this truck really is rather tiny
What is the look for you ask? I only made the kids take a 3 hour hike today
Jeff sharing the "look" with Megan, some day they will thank me
The "pack horse"
Earlier in the hike, full of smiles
Lemons from our very own Lemon tree
Leaving Italy back to France
Megan, sporting her new look
There will be no living with these Euro kids
View of Vernazza at night

Quick stop in Pisa, Italy

We could not go to Italy without a brief stop to see the Leaning Tower of PisaMarket in the shopping district of Pisa, away from tourist ville

Rome, Italy Feb 2007

Jeff at Trevi Fountain, legend has it that if you throw a coin into the fountain you are guaranteed a return visit to Rome.
Megan in front of the Tiber River
It is insane to even think of driving in Rome. To ride a bike certainly puts your life at risk. The Scooter is the only way for Romans to travel. We much preferred the safety of our feet, well removed from the roads.
Megan and Jeff hanging out on a column at the Roman Forum
Hercules hanging out at the Vatican Museum
The mouth of truth, stick your hand in and if you have told a lie it will get gobbled up! We just learned from an Italian friend that this is an old "sewer" cover
Et tu Brute? Temple of Julius Caesar... This is where Julius Caesar's body was burned after he was assassinated
Megan at the Roman Forum
The Roman Colosseum
Jeff and the Temple of Saturn
Megan in front of the Roman Senate
Megan at Trevi Fountain, guaranteeing her return to Rome