Monday, March 26, 2007

Cinque Terre, Italy Feb 2007

We stayed in Vernanzza, Cinque TerreJeff the llama and Megan on a hike above the town
Fishing boats

A view of Vernazza from our "hotel"

Nets that will be opened to catch the olives
Where ever there are cats Megan will find them
The yellow building is our "hotel"
Jeff is getting taller but this truck really is rather tiny
What is the look for you ask? I only made the kids take a 3 hour hike today
Jeff sharing the "look" with Megan, some day they will thank me
The "pack horse"
Earlier in the hike, full of smiles
Lemons from our very own Lemon tree
Leaving Italy back to France
Megan, sporting her new look
There will be no living with these Euro kids
View of Vernazza at night


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