Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Cyclocross du Vin

Cyclocross in France, for Jeff means racing with the "Minimes" . We call them the "mini me's" They are 13-14 yrs old. Jeff has a Federation of France racing licence which allows him to race for free at all the races provided you return your number. Each kid gets a medal for completing the race. This is an area about 30km north of Lyon so it was about a 2 hour ride for us. We are trying to navigate our way through the racing and life with Jeff's French team. Luckily we were asked to give a teammate a ride to this race, otherwise we would have gone to a completely different race!
We had a "rendez vous" with three other families so that we could carpool to the race. No matter if you were late or not you must go through the "kissing" ritual. This means for me, a double kiss on the cheek of everyone (moms, dads and kids). For Jeff it means a hand shake with all the guys and kisses for all the females. It is actually really a great tradition, you acknowledge everyone, each and every time that you see them.
Jeff had a nice start position until they had the call-up. Back to the back Jeb!

Jeb's hair is probably longer than Fat Marc's now! We had a little problem at registration, Jeff had to say "je suis un garcon" I'll let you figure out the French.

A fun day of racing, Jeb ended up eight and his teammate Quientin won the race.


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