Thursday, November 09, 2006

Jeff's First Race in France, Champ Drac

Megan so very happy to be at another one of Jeff's races.
This section of the race the kids get through an obstical course for speed and skill.

Yes that is a road bike.

Start for Jeff's first ever 90 meter sprint (he took third).
The kid in yellow is one of Jeff's teammates, his name is Sullivan and he is fast. He won the yellow jersey for Jeff's age group at the 6 day track race that just happened in Grenoble.
Can you say road bike on a grassy cross course. Jeff crashed about 3 times but fought his way back to about 5th overall.
The guy in the brown t-shirt was kind enough to act as Jeff's translator. There were 4 different events: cross race, obsticale course for time and skill, 90 meter sprint and 30 sec track stand.
Megan happy to be at another one of Jeff's races.
Kids, kids and more kids. They start racing at age 5 and have two year age groups up to 18.
The guy in the white t-shirt is Jeff's coach Phillipe.
Jeff's first ever track stand contest.


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